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Mobile Cranes for HVAC & Industrial Use

Our certified crane operators have the knowledge and experience needed to safely and efficiently complete a wide range of jobs. Stoner Industrial’s operators have the ability to come up with unique solutions to unique problems. All crane rentals come with a NCCCO certified crane operator and rigging equipment.

For information on mobile crane services at quarries, please visit our quarry services page. Our crane operators are state-licensed and MSHA certified.

Maximum capacity is dependent on a variety of factors – call for info

Fassi F455 Articulating Boom Crane / Capabilities

Inside of warehouses, through doors/windows, steel beam service, maneuvering in tight quarters, manufacturing facilities, HVAC.

RadiusWeight Capacity

Fassi crane

36 ton crane

National 36 Ton Hydraulic Stick Crane / Capabilities

Widest array of capabilities – HVAC, truss sets, steel erection, heavy industrial, feed mills, quarries, industrial plants, manufacturing facilities / 127’ main boom / 158’ with jib / Certified man basket available.

RadiusWeight Capacity

Linkbelt 30 Ton Hydraulic Stick Crane / Capabilities

Best suited for industrial settings: quarries, steel sets, industrial plants, manufacturing facilities

RadiusWeight Capacity

Linkbelt crane

Mobile Cranes for HVAC & Industrial Use

HVAC units can be very difficult to transport and present contractors with several challenges. However, mobile cranes from Stoner Industrial can be used to get HVAC units to their desired position on roofs and other elevated locations. Some HVAC projects do require extensive preparations and planning, so we recommend talking to our experts so you can have a better idea of what type of mobile crane is right for your needs.

By using a mobile crane rental for HVAC-related projects, multiple rooftop units can be quickly and efficiently unloaded and lifted. We also realize that installing commercial heating and cooling equipment or HVAC units on apartment buildings and other large complexes requires the use of sturdy, reliable equipment.
Our mobile cranes can give you the helping hand you need with hoisting operations specific to many different industries. In fact, you can take comfort in knowing we have extensive experience supplying mobile cranes to clients from all types of industries.

Our mobile cranes are perfect for a wide range of HVAC and industrial projects. We routinely meet and exceed our clients’ expectations with mobile and articulating cranes for HVAC and industrial use. Choosing us for your mobile crane needs also means you can expect:

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Responsive and friendly customer service and support
  • Easy access to expert advice

What Our Clients Say About Stoner Industrial Services

Jonathan Mills
Jonathan Mills
23:33 02 Nov 20
Good group of people to work with. We have been using Stoner Industrial for several years. They offer dependable service & on-time delivery.
cy pisanick
cy pisanick
14:34 15 Feb 19
Top rate company. Enjoy doing business with them. Very professional.Brian .
Brian Eisenhart
Brian Eisenhart
14:08 15 Feb 19
Stoner Industrial is our go to company for steal beams and crane for our new construction residential homes.
Lauren Wolf
Lauren Wolf
13:17 15 Feb 19