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Residential Steel

From start to finish, Stoner Industrial has the solutions for your home building needs. From basement to roof, we offer a full line of house beams and steel posts, in addition to our beam and truss-setting services.

Beams & Columns

*Stock Beams listed; other sizes available upon request.

Wide Flange Beams

Wide Flange Beams
W6 x 126″ H x 4″ W
W6 x 156″ H x 6″ W
W6 x 206-1/4″ H x 6″ W
W6 x 256-3/8″ H x 6-1/8″ W
W8 x 138″ H x 4″ W
W8 x 188-1/4″ H x 5-3/8″ W
W8 x 248″ H x 6-1/2″ W
W8 x 318″ H x 8″ W
W10 x 2210-1/8″ H x 5-3/4 W
W10 x 2610-3/8″ H x 5-3/4″ W
W10 x 3010-1/2″ H x 5-3/4″ W
W10 x 339-3/4″ H x 8″ W
W12 x 2612-1/4″ H x 6-1/2″ W
W12 x 3512-1/2″ H x 6-1/2″ W
W12 x 4011-15/16″ H x 8″ W

*All necessary Hardware Included


Schedule 40 Custom Height Columns

Miscellaneous Services

Choosing Stoner Industrial Services for your building-related equipment needs means you’ll also benefit from:

  • Attractive, honest pricing: We’re always upfront and honest about our rates with our clients. This includes offering honest estimates before you commit to renting one of our mobile cranes.
  • Hourly rates instead of flat rates: Why pay a flat rate when you only need a mobile crane for a specific period of time? Our fair pricing approach to doing business means you’ll only be charged by the hour instead.
  • The proper equipment to transport and set steel and trusses in a prompt and efficient manner.


What Our Clients Say About Stoner Industrial Services

Jonathan Mills
Jonathan Mills
23:33 02 Nov 20
Good group of people to work with. We have been using Stoner Industrial for several years. They offer dependable service & on-time delivery.
cy pisanick
cy pisanick
14:34 15 Feb 19
Top rate company. Enjoy doing business with them. Very professional.Brian .
Brian Eisenhart
Brian Eisenhart
14:08 15 Feb 19
Stoner Industrial is our go to company for steal beams and crane for our new construction residential homes.
Lauren Wolf
Lauren Wolf
13:17 15 Feb 19